WE GET how to deliver renewable energy options – Wodonga TAFE benefits

By managing a rigorous tender process for Wodonga TAFE, Procurement Australia has enabled the planned installation of 600kw of rooftop solar PV panels on three of the TAFE’s campuses in Victoria – at McKoy Street, TAFESpace and Logic Centre – starting this month, July 2019. The installation sees Wodonga TAFE partnering with Mondo and Cherry […]

New Contract: 2112/0601 – Courier Services

Dear Procurement Australia member, Please be advised that the tender process for this contract has been initiated. It will replace 1912/0629 Courier and Personal Transport Services. For more information, please see our flyer below:

New Contract: 2110/0503 – Mobile Garbage Bins

Dear Procurement Australia member, Please be advised that the tender process for this contract has been initiated. It will replace 1801/0835 Mobile Garbage Bins. For more information see our flyer below:

More diverse cultures mean more diverse buying strategies

Australia is not isolated from the impacts of globalisation; it is well and truly part and parcel of the quickly diversifying and interconnected economy. This global diversity is being reflected in the range and types of employees now in procurement. This was alluded to by EY LLP who identified that just as new skill sets […]

Procurement 2025 – ‘cost’ no longer a single dimension

Procurement professionals focused solely on price will no longer exist in 2025, EY LLP consider. Those who see all negotiations as a zero-sum game and believe any ‘money left on the table’ a failure will not have a place in the best procurement teams as the 21st century evolves. While cost will still be a […]

New Mindsets – Transparent Society

The ‘circular economy’ – where waste is minimised and the most is made of all resources used in the supply chain – is pivotal to a procurement professional’s search for sustainable products and services. This change is so integral to our work today that yesterday’s mindsets are requiring a whole new perspective especially when you […]

Australian resilience held back by cyber threat

According to FM Global’s latest Resilience Index report, Australia is one of the most resilient nations in the world but could be exposed by “inherent cyber risk”. The highly regarded index which was recently published ranks Australia’s business environment as the 17th most resilient out of 130 countries and territories. FM Global rankings are derived […]

Procurement impacted by business, economics, and politics

At any time, your procurement people need to be able to answer questions about the impacts changes in government and business rules in areas including trade, taxation, technical standards, and geopolitical issues could have on the cost, transport and availability of your supplies. In addition, they need to be able to ensure that your goods […]

Professional procurement skill sets are emerging

The procurement industry is changing at a rapid pace and a whole set of new and different professional procurement skill sets are emerging. This is evidenced by EY LLP’s 2015 report which anticipated an increase in a number of educational and professional backgrounds in procurement. It said that in a field that already includes engineers […]

Contract Update: 2106/0712 – Information Technology Products & Services

Dear Procurement Australia member, The evaluation phase of the new Information Technology Products & Services tender has concluded. Contract 2106/0712Information Technology Products & Services will commence on 01 July 2019 for 2 years (expiring 30 June 2021) with the option to extend for one (1) x 12-month period. It will replace Contract 1806/0711 – Provision […]