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Supplied by Fleetcard 

Key Benefits:

  • 4cpl +GST off pump price at all Shell / Coles Express sites
  • $2.38+gst monthly card fee  
  • Acceptance at approximately 6000 sites nationally or 90% of service stations in Australia
  • No other card fees apply – No card issue and re-issue fees
  • Greenhouse reporting integrated into monthly reporting
  • Online management and reporting available for partners to self serve and manage their account (e.g. Order cards, cancel cards, reporting etc)
  • Exception reporting to monitor unusual fuel spend
  • As well as the ability to restrict to fuel, oil, repairs (windscreens, batteries and maintenance)
  • Extended payment terms to 21 days end of month billing

 To join, partners will need to complete this account creation form and provide details of the vehicles. 

Click here for the Application Form

Click here for the Vehicle Details Spreadsheet

Click here for Direct Debit Form

For more information contact

Neil Banerji, Procurement Australia
Tel: 0499 773 733
Email: Neil.Banerji@procurementaustralia.com.au