We’re buying and supplying made simple

About Us

Get the ins & outs of what we do & how we do it.

We are working for you. 

We deliver procurement solutions, not just services.

We make the complex, simple.                   

For the last 30+ years, we’ve been helping Australian businesses (big and small, public and private) get what they need by quickly, easily and expertly connecting people with companies, buyers with sellers and needs with solutions.

From large-scale fuel, electricity and gas contracts to security, recruitment and fleet services … and everything in between … the aggregated buying power of our 700+ members means that whether it’s pens or personnel, we’re able to get it cheaper, smarter and faster.

Coupled with our extensive knowledge of markets and industries, and commitment to fresh thinking and quality service, it’s little wonder we’re one of the nation’s biggest names in buying.

Put simply, we get it.

The Company We Keep

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